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Tackle Football "The Program"


Georgia Elite Sports Academy, Inc. Tackle Football registration fees are as follows:
Registration - $225
Late Registration After June 2, 2019 -$40
Registration includes: home and away  jersey, game pants, league fees, helmet decals, field maintenance fee, referees, and insurance, Spirit Package will be additional cost which will include banquet cost and awards.

Registration begins in January. You can register online, or selected Saturdays at Avalon Park in McDonough.  Registration for each age group is subject to close at any time in which we fill the available slots for that specific age group. Online registration is available on the league website (, you can register online at any time before June 1st.

"The Program"

The Georgia Elite Stallions  is an unlimited youth football program for kids, ages 6 to 12 years of age, which serves as a component of Georgia Elite Sports Academy, Inc. (GESA). We are a competitive youth football program striving for excellence on and off the field of play. We field competitive teams at each age group from ages 6 – 12 that compete against other teams in the Metro Atlanta area. Safety is one of our top priorities so we are an OFFICIAL Heads Up Football program, endowed by USA Football, the NFL and the NFLPA.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to participate in our football program and be a part of the Georgia Elite Family. With this idea at the core of our beliefs, we DO NOT HAVE TRYOUTS. All of our participants have a place in our organization and there is a need for each child's physical skills to be evaluated only for placement. These skills are evaluated not to embarrass the young child but to allow GESA, Inc. to assure that teams are divided as equally as possible based on each individual child’s skill-set. Again, no child is turned away or told that he or she will not have a place in our program on the basis of physical skills. All such evaluations are kept confidential between league officials. Players are not allowed to be told their placement order. Here at GESA, Inc. we believe that all youth should have the opportunity to be successful in everything that they do, and we want to afford everyone that opportunity. Our term “competitive football” is all about putting student athletes in winning situations on the field.

Furthermore, through the game of football, Georgia Elite molds our communities’ kids into strong young men. We pride ourselves in not just winning football games, but having quality coaches that serve as role models to the kids and realize that their job is to be a role model, a father figure, a disciplinarian, as well as a coach. *NOTE, all of our home games are played at Avalon Park in McDonough in Henry County.* For more information feel free to contact us at

Academic Policy

Georgia Elite Sports Academy, Inc. is a non-profit youth development organization first, not a FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. With that being said we have a standard in place that requires all of our participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play. We believe that the standards we have set give these children a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for academics and athletics that will help them develop later on in life. Everything that we do is to prepare them for the “next level”, whether that’s middle school, high school, college or just life in general. Like such organizations as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), GESA, Inc. has academic guidelines and criteria that need to be met in order for a child to participate in our youth football program. 

Proof of satisfactory progress in school is required. A 2.0/70% or the equivalent shall be the minimum grade point average acceptable to participate. All participants are required to furnish a valid report card from the previous semester at the time of registration or no later than June 1st.  NOTE: This rule as it relates to academic grades may not be made less stringent by any team or coach, as other rules may be. No participant will be allowed to participate in any GESA, Inc. related football games or practices if they have not met the GESA, Inc. academic requirements.

Formation of Teams

Football Teams – Georgia Elite offers unlimited weight, single age group football (Varsity) and dual age group football (Junior Varsity). All kids are placed on a team regardless of size, experience, or ability.  All kids that register in good faith will be placed on a team. Tryouts will be used for placement purposes only. Georgia Elite will offer two different levels of play to make sure every kid is placed in an environment best suited for the development of that child.  Teams will play in the Youth Football Alliance League. No kids are guaranteed to be placed on the team of their choice. Georgia Elite does not have a playing time rule, though all coaches are encouraged to get every kid in every game.

Participant's age is as of Aug 1st

Equipment Information

Georgia Elite will furnish Game Uniform (home and away  jerseys and pants).  Additional items needed for football that Georgia Elite Does Not provide are:

1. Helmet
2. Shoulder Pads
3. Cleats
4. Practice pants and jersey
**Depending on your team, additional items may be needed. This will be at the Parent or Guardian’s expense. Check with your Coach for ,more details.


The registration rate is $225, NO Equipment provided.  $40 late fee additional after registration deadline after June 1st.  

Sponsorship Rewards

We are giving each parent a chance to receive free registration through our organization sponsorship program. Every parent that secures a sponsorship donation to the organization of at least $500 will receive a free registration. This sponsorship program is for donations made to Georgia Elite Sports Academy, Inc. of at least $500, and not any specific team. The sponsorship program grants one free registration for every $500 worth of sponsorship given directly to GESA, Inc. This does not include any portions that are given to your child’s team. If you have already registered your child, you will receive a registration refund for the amount you paid at registration. Registration reimbursement under this policy will be awarded once Georgia Elite receives the funds from the business entity.

Form of Payment

We accept cash, credit cards, checks or money orders. All monies are due at the time of registration. All returned checks will be assessed a $35 dollar additional Fee.

Refund Policy

The refund policy for Georgia Elite will be strictly enforced. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE whether or not your child attends any practices or plays or participates.   

Birth Certificates

All parents must provide Georgia Elite with a legible copy of their child’s birth certificate. All birth certificates should be turned in to the child’s coach or team manager prior to August 1st. 

Mandatory Program Fundraiser/Volunteer Participation

All parents are required to participate in the mandatory program fundraiser (TBD) and volunteer 2 hours in one of our Volunteer Corps. Parents will be required to meet a “minimum” as it relates to the fundraiser chosen. Parents may also choose to “Buy Out” at a cost of $50.00 with no participation in the fundraiser or Volunteer Corps. This fundraiser and participating in our Volunteer Corps is vital and will be used to defray some of the cost for operation expenses, as well as, buy new equipment and uniforms. This shall be the only mandatory program fundraiser. Fundraiser dates and times TBD. 

Picture Day

All team and individual pictures will be scheduled by the organization. All football players and cheerleaders are to be fully dressed in their uniform choice of the team. All football and cheerleading teams are to report to our home field at their appointed times. 


Each child is ENCOURAGED to have a physical due to the nature of the sport. We offer a FREE Health Fair every summer for participating football players and cheerleaders that is required for them to attend (MANDATORY). 

Practice and Game Schedule

Practice for Football and Cheerleading will begin officially in July. Practice is held any day of the week until the first day of school. Once school begins, practice will be only three (3) days a week, typically Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please try to have your child to practice on time. Please remember to be on time to pick up your child after practice. Each team will set its own times for practice not to last later than 8:30 pm on school nights. Games are usually played on Saturdays. The actual days that the games will be played will be determined once the schedule has been finalized by the league. Georgia Elite has no control or input over the league schedule. Once the league schedule has been issued, we will issue it to the coaches to pass along to all parents. 

Player Certification

Each football player will have to attend the pre-season weigh-in and certification. Each team will be given a date and time to certify their players. Your Team Manager will notify you of the date and time your child is scheduled for certification. Parents please make the necessary arrangements, so that your child does not miss certification. There will be no make-up dates. If your child misses or does not make certification, GESA, Inc. will not refund your money and your child will not be allowed to participate in league games. You must provide your team manager with a legible copy of your child’s birth certificate as listed above.

Uniformity Policy

All GESA, Inc. football teams are required to be uniform. This includes the game jersey and pants provided. All other items required by the coach must be purchased by the parent/guardian to ensure that all of our participants are uniform. 


8U - YFA American Division Champs, Ranked #6 on D1 Spects Big Board
9U - YFA National Division Champs, Ranked #4 on D1 Spects Big Board, Ranked #3 on B2C Youth Football Rankings
7U, 8U and 9U football teams advance to the YFA playoffs.


6U, 7U (Black), 8U, 9U, and 10U football teams advance to the YFA playoffs

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